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Tarpon Snook Kayak Fishing Stuart

Stuart Snook Kayak Fishing During the Summer Months

Summer time brings on the spawn for these fish. During this time Snook will move from the back waters and rivers to the inlets along the coast. Stuart Florida is one of the best places to go kayak fishing for one of the giant breeders that will spawn in the Saint Lucie Inlet.

Summer also means hot temperatures. Getting out early or late in the day will give you the best opportunity to hook into these fish. I generally like to start the day by throwing the cast net and catching a dozen or so 8-12 inch mullet in the bait tank. These mullet are for back up for the time 9 am hits and I want to make sure I am still going to get a bite. I love getting bit on artificial, so the first lure that is going to hit the water will be either a Super Spook or a large paddle tail swimbait. Some days the Snook want more of an erratic moving bait and other days a straight moving swimbait. Try both baits for a while and see what they are in the mood for.

Stuart Florida snook kayak fishing
Tarpon Snook Kayak Fishing Stuart

Basic kayak fishing set up is a 7ft, 10-20lb spinning rod with a 5000 sized reel lined with 30 pound braid attached to 40lb Yozuri Fluorocarbon leader. This set up will give you enough backbone to pull fish out of structure, but at same time not wear you out casting all day.
My target location in Stuart is seawalls and docks in and around the inlet. These are easy ambush spots for Snook moving in and out of the inlet. When throwing your artificial lures get parallel to the seawall or dock making sure you get the lure as close to the structure as you can. If you are not having the luck with the lures bring out Mister Mullet. Pitch the live bait to the wall or dock and let him swim around freely. If he runs away from the structure, reel him up and get him close to it again. Repeat this process and by the end of the morning you should be hoisting a nice sized Snook.

Outlook for May


May will bring more bait into the river to supply our game fish with plenty to eat.  Snook, trout, jacks and reds will be looking for mullet pattern baits like super spooks and large swimbaits. Glass minnows schools and mullet will be the bait to use or imitate. If you find mullet, whip out a super spook or large swim bait. If you are finding glass minnows use a DOA jerk bait or shad tail. Mangroves, docks and seawalls will be the places to target as the fish will be looking for easy ambush areas.  Launching the kayak inside Johnathan D. MacArthur State Park will give you access to some great areas to target snook, tarpon and jacks.


During this time mahi will be in larger numbers and closer to shore. Kingfish will be making their way to their spring/summer areas off of our coast. Trolling live goggle eyes and runners will put fish in the fish bag. Don’t be afraid to fish shallow during the is time. 60-180 feet of water should be in your range.


Warmer weather means the clown knifefish will be more cooperative. Peacock bass and largemouth will be heading towards their beds to spawn if they have not already. Look to sight fish the bass along the banks. Throwing a small jig in their bed to annoy them will get them to bite.

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