Kayak Shark Fishing

Aside from landing some serious offshore gamefish, kayak shark fishing is nothing short of pure adrenaline-inducing excitement.  Fight times can vary greatly depending on the species and depth, but a big fight is almost guaranteed.  Some of the common species we hook into are Spinner Shark, Lemon Shark, Bull Shark, and Black Tip Shark, although kayak fishing for sharks offshore of Palm Beach county can also offer opportunities to hook into larger species like Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks.


Attracting, hooking up on,  fighting, and specifically landing a shark can be an adventure you don’t want to attempt without an experienced kayak shark fishing guide.  Your guide on your half-day inshore fishing trip will assure those variables are under control so you can simply peddle your kayak, and enjoy the experience. 


What does it cost?

$350 for first angler

$140 for each additional angler


What is included?

Fully Rigged Hobie Pedal Kayak, Rods, Reels, Cooler, Ice, Water, PFD, Dead bait, Digital pictures and video of days adventure.


What should I bring?

Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Snacks, Clothes to get wet, Florida Fishing License .