Snook Fishing

Snook are great fighting fish, they pull hard and often jump to put on a show. Kayak fishing Florida for snook puts us in may areas. Bridges, spillways, mangroves, seawalls and docks. They are an ambush predator and like to hang around structure and current areas.

Fishing for snook takes a little heavier gear than on our normal Inshore Kayak Fishing trips. We use 30lb rod and spinning reel combo with 30-40 braided line. The heavier gear allows anglers to pull the snook away from the structures that they are hiding around. These fish can grow to upwards of 35lbs, with most fish being in the 10-20 lb range.

If you are looking to keep your snook catch there is a season and a slot limit. Season usually runs February 1st to May 31st and again from September 1st to December 15th. Snook are available for catch and release year round. The best times of year for kayak snook fishing is May through October.

What does it cost?

$350 for first angler

$140 for each additional angler


What is included?

Fully Rigged Hobie Pedal Kayak, Rods, Reels, Artificial lures, Cooler, Ice, Water, PFD, Live Bait, Digital pictures and video of days adventure.


What should I bring?

Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Snacks, Clothes to get wet, Florida Fishing License.