Sailfish Charters

Sailfishing out of the kayak is one of the most exciting types of offshore kayak fishing in Florida. These fish can be found within a mile from shore. Sailfish are very acrobatic and put on a show of jumps and tail walks. These billfish are the fastest fish in the ocean and can reach speeds up to 68 mph. When you hook up in your kayak get ready for a sleigh ride! Sailfish average 35 – 65 lbs.


An average fight is 15-45 mins depending on how much energy they expend on the initial hook up. It’s not uncommon to hook multiple Sailfish on our Offshore kayak fishing trips. Sailfish swim in packs and with multiple baits in the water double and even triple hook ups can happen. Sailfish caught from a kayak will be catch and release. We strive to take great quality photos and video of your catch for you to have a lasting memory of your kayak caught Sailfish. 


What does it cost?

$400 for first angler

$180 for each additional angler


What is included?

Fully Rigged Hobie Pedal Kayak, Rods, Reels, Artificial lures, Cooler, Ice, Water, PFD, Live Bait, Digital pictures and video of days adventure.


What should I bring?

Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Snacks, Clothes to get wet, Florida Fishing License.