Peacock Bass Fishing

South Florida is the Peacock Bass fishing capital of the United States. The Peacock Bass were introduced into the lakes and canals in 1984 to help control the the growing population of exotic fishes. Over time they have flourished and have become one of South Florida's top freshwater game fish. The Peacock Bass has only been able to survive here because of it's low tolerance to cold weather. They grow at a very fast rate, reaching a pound or more in size their first year. Average size is 2-4 pounds with many days a 6 lb or better fish makes it's way into the kayak. 

 It is not uncommon to catch 30 fish in our Peacock Bass kayak fishing trips. They are a very aggressive fish and eat a lot. The preferred method of catching these beautiful fish is with live bait. During the summer months artificial lures can also be used to have some exciting top water blow ups.

South Florida Peacock Bass fishing is a year round fishery. No matter what time of year there are plenty of fish to catch. Call to Book Your Trip!